Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I cannot stop making hats aka slouchy beanies and giving them to people. I will post the EASIEST way to make a hat for anyone to do. My 9 year old cousin can make them so everyone stay posted to make the coolest hats ever. I made two for my boyfriend and cannot stop. Stay posted lovaaas<3

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Wall Art

My roommate Libby made this and I love it! It is classy, cute, and chic all at once. You can make it as big as you want covering as much wall as you want. Libby chose to do white ones (flowers) but I guess you can use any color you want.
* Cupcake holders
*Tape and glue
Here are the doilies she used, now you dont put a doilie behind every cupcake holder but you pick and choose. Usually you would have a starting point on the wall, lets say the far left, and put doilies behind all the cupcake holders. Then as you start to put more flowers across the wall going to the right, you scarcly choose which doilies to put behind the cupcake holders (as if it's fading away).

I do not have a picture of the plain cupcake holders but here is what they look like close up finished. You need to take your scissors and cut little petal like designs on the outside edge of the holders. 

Here is what one looks like close up with the doilie behind it. Notice how each flower has a button glued in the center
Here is the finished wall!
Thanks Libby!

Headboard in ACTION!

YAY so finally I have moved in and set up the headboard (my first blog post ever on huuuur)! It is great and so easy to make! I just put as much regular tape as possible on the back and taped it up! Hope you like and get inspired to make more things!

My picture frames

There is another post that consisted of the matte picture frames with post secrets in them but I used them again this year so here is a picture of what it looks like!


Okay so I just cannot use up this half a yard of cat print fabric so I have another cute wall decor piece. You can use any kind of fabric and it looks cute when you make alot of different colored fabric ones and put them all up on your walls.
*Embroidery frame
*Possibly paper clip and tape
First get your supplies (I have three embroidery frames in this picture but only used one)
Cut the fabirc and attach it in the circle and baddabing baddaboom here is a cute wall decor
This is my design but I saw the idea online from these pictures online


NOW here is the part that deals with the paperclip!
If you are living in a dorm or an apartment where you cannot put a hole in your wall, get a paper clip and bend it upwards

And now use tape and tape it to the wall so it is sturdy! Then you can hang anything from the little hook if it is taped securely

Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Chain Earring

So I really have enjoyed those chain looking earrings, but could never find one that I liked for the piercings that I had. I decided to make my own earrings chained together!
*2 earrings
*A chain necklace you do not want anymore
*Possibly tweezers or pliers

HINT: find earrings that are able to fit into a chain link of a necklace. 

First, take your necklace you do not want anymore, and basically break it! You can use pliers or tweezers to get a small chain but I was just able to pull apart what chain length I wanted.

Then, put both earrings in the chain links at the end of the chain. If you use a mirror it is easier but put the earrings in your ears, you can adjust the chain length to however you like it.

I like the chain in my second hole and the upper third cartilage one. I should have put an earring in my first hole but I forgot but YAY! Cute and cheap!