Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crayon Poster

This was really fun to make! My friend Tiff wanted to make this craft and I asked to help because it looked really fun. You have probably seen this before but I thought I would share it!
*Cardboard or poster board
*Box of crayons
*Hair Dryers!

Glue the crayons in whatever order or colors you want. Usually the rainbow looks pretty good. Make sure they are side by side with the tip down. You can take off the wrappers or leave them on. In this case, my friend Tiff wanted to take them off.

Plug in your hair dryer and start heating up those crayons. You want them to melt! (ps. hope you like Tiff's pj pants)

 More than one dryer was better because it was quicker.

TADA! Thanks for letting me help TIFF!<3

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