Thursday, August 2, 2012

My First Dorm Room

This is my first dorm room! Freshman year, miss it! Well as you can tell, I had a pretty nice dorm room for a freshman. My roommate's side is not even in the picture...big room. Well What I did here that I liked, is that I printed out a bunch of pictures of my friends from that summer, and did a boarder around my bed of the pictures side by side. I bought one of those wall stickers, which is a great buy!!!! If you have smooth walls not cinderblock walls (I do not think those stickers work well on cinderblock walls) it is a great buy and you have many options to choose from. Even when you move out, if you put the sticker on parchment paper, you can re-use it. Anyways my sticker was of a tree with birds. Then I bought sparrow birds to put around the tree with the other bird stickers. I love posters, great space taker-uper and it looks cute. Make your dorm room fun your freshman year, you'll need that comfort. Do not overcrowd the walls or it will make your room small and seem cluttered. I just wanted to share this picture to give some more ideas to go off of. 

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  1. What kind of wall stickers did you buy? a removable decal?