Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dorm Room Head Board

Hey everyone, I am moving into my dorm room/apartment and I wanted something cheap and fun to make to help decorate my room with. My project this time is a rendition of a HEADBOARD! Why not? I wanted something light enough to stay on the wall! I have not moved into the apartment yet so when I do, I will add the finished picture. The bed has no headboard or frame on it, just a mattress that  is really boring. This cost me about 15$ to make...although I already had a hot glue gun which I used. 

So these are the supplies I used:
*White foam board (non trifold, about 30x40 at the smallest size)
*Tape and or a hot glue gun
*Exacto or box cutter
*Fabric of choice
*Any embellishment of choice

Find a shape of a headboard you like. I searched online on google for headboards and found this shape to be what I liked the most. Using a ruler and a pencil, I measured how high up I wanted to start the shape. I also marked the very center of the board at the top. So using the pencil, I just sketched out one side of the board with the design free hand. When I go the design to look how I wanted it, I did my best to mirror it on the other side. It does not have to be perfect! My final step hides imperfections and it is handmade so embrace the imperfections.  Using a box cutter, i cut along the lines. If you do this...take your time!!!! You can really damage and cut yourself so just take your time cutting it. I cut it on the floor of my garage one step at a time.

 I did not know I was going to make a blog and have this so sorry about my picture quality and lack of pictures with steps. I then laid out the fabric face down and put the board towards the top of the fabric in the middle. I wanted the excess fabric to hang down to give the illusion when the board is hanging that it is longer. (ps. that is my cat sofie<3) (psps. she wouldnt leave the board alone). With the board laying on the fabric, pull the sides of the fabric onto the board and tape it straight onto the board. We are starting from the back so it does not have to be pretty. Both sides are taped well, then take the top fabric and bring it down onto the board just like the sides and tape. For the crevices, I cut a little slit so the fabric would not bunch too much. Tape away until the fabric is attached to the back of the board. Again, I kept the bottom hanging long so I can hang my board really high when the pillows are stacked up but keep the illusion like it is long! After taping the board with the best that I could, I used a hot glue gun to really secure the fabric to the back of the board.

 I bought a small boa (I guess that is what you call it?) well more like a long feathery flurry string. To hide the imperfections of the top of the board, I glued it on the trim of the board but not all the way down. As you can tell I just let the strings dangle trying to decide what I wanted to do with the bottom.
 I proceeded to just glue the bottom of the feathery boa down a few inches. This is my finished product as of now! It is extremely light so I am just going to either tack it to the wall or use a bunch of tape on the back. Either way works but yeah! I love it! It's a cheap quick fix to a boring bed. Especially for college girls like myself, it is really cute and easy to make! When I move in, I will take a picture of the finished product and put it on here! Thanks!

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