Thursday, August 2, 2012

Easy Picture Frames

Alright, regardless of what texture your walls are, this next idea will work no matter what. Add a little bit of extra sophistication or an extra look to pictures on your wall. Go to the dollar store and get picture matted frames like this :
I stuck with the color black because that is all that was sold at that time. The dollar store sells them in packs of 2 or 3 with a variety of sizes. I used a few different sizes to spice it up a little bit. Now you can decorate, add glitter to these matted frames but I kept them simple. I went to, which is a website that shows anonymous secrets people send in on post cards. I also searched google for these, since the website updates itself every week, to get more to choose from. You could use your own pictures but I just found some of my favorite post secret cards and printed them to tape on the back of my frames. I do have a picture of my frames/pictures because I am saving them for my apartment. Keep in mind, THESE ARE SOOOO LIGHT! They weight nothing and will stay up with tape...aka they can be put anywhere!

Here are what mine look like, they just aren't on a wall since I am going to reuse them:

Here they are! 

 Here are some close ups of the ones I chose to use! They make me smile :)

So yea, you can use your own pictures in these quick light-weight frames or anything you want. Get creative and maybe decorate the outer frames with glitter or anything. Get creative 

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